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About the Everyday Leadership Video Project

The Everyday Leadership video project has filmed more than 60 interviews with global health leaders from Africa, India, the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States. These videos are organized into two categories: longer profiles in leadership that provide a deeper window into a particular leader’s philosophy and experience, and shorter teaching clips that provide a brief teaching point, reflection, or anecdote about leadership.

The leaders interviewed come from all levels of their organizations and from different backgrounds and sectors. Their insights reveal essential leadership lessons that transcend national borders. The videos on this site are Creative Commons-licensed and can be used freely, with acknowledgement. You must register in order to be able to download videos or leave comments.

Teaching Clips

There are more than 350 short teaching clips, all tagged with themes. These clips are excerpts from longer interviews about particular topics. Click on the theme to see additional videos and materials on the same theme.

Profiles in Leadership

There are more than 20 longer profiles. Each of these is an extended interview in which a leader reflects on his or her experience, background, and lessons as a leader and manager. These are also tagged by theme to facilitate finding related material.